Foto-/Filmlicht: Lichttechniker

TRIBALS a Fashion Film (BTS)

Popping of flashbulbs, strongest concentration and perfection, the last shoot is in the cam. The team of 21 professionals, including seven international top models, hug each other. In the middle of the crowd moves upcoming Swiss director and photographer Damien Krisl. A clenched tension dissolves. The emotionally loaded studio has been the venue for the top-class piece of art named „Tribals“. You can feel the eager anticipation of the participants to see Damien Krisl’s oeuvre completed. The artist’s vision shapes the „Tribals“ images to the smallest detail. It is a selected international spring/summer collection uniting art, bodies, shapes and sculptures. Everything is emphasized by the element of water and it’s reflection. A dark, slight demonic veil rests on it. It’s the kind of pictures that catch oneself and transport you to an unknown world. A universe where mind and perception are redefined. An indescribable art form. This moments were captured for eternity.

2014 Zürich, CH


PRONEWS 13/14 – Light&Byte

TRIBALS a Fashion Film (BTS)

Movie Title: TRIBALS a Fashion Film (BTS) by Damien Krisl & Joel Cartier
Movie Language: Music
Movie Length: 1:10

Equipment used for this shoot: 10 x broncolor Scoro S 3200, 30 x broncolor lamps, 1 x broncolor Para 330 FB, 1 x broncolor Para 222, 1 x broncolor Para 88, 1 x broncolor Para 177, different reflectors, diffusers, umbrellas and Softboxes